Thursday, 31 January 2019

Two ferries collided at Olbia, Italy VIDEO

Ferry CRUISE OLBIA struck portside bridge wing of ferry ATHARA at Olbia port, Sardinia, Italy, while moving from pier, at around 1200 LT Jan 24. Apparently, accident occurred in rough weather conditions, ferry went out of control, notwithstanding assisting tug or tugs. THARA bridge wing was seriously damaged, CRUISE OLBIA said to be unscathed, she continued her voyage after leaving Olbia harbor. ATHARA understandably remained at port.
Passenger ro-ro ship CRUISE OLBIA, IMO 9198939, GT 32728, built 2001, flag Italy, operator Grimaldi Group.
Passenger ro-ro ship ATHARA, IMO 9263655, GT 35736, built 2003, flag Italy, manager Tirrenia, ITA-Napoli.

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