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A sad day in Oslo harbor.

Oslo Harbor Workers Downsize - Eight dockers lose their jobs.
After a long struggle, the dockers must give up. - A fucking sad day. Now we have been fighting hard for five years to get back our jobs, says union leader Roar Langaard.

The port workers in Oslo have long been in conflict with the management of the Port of Oslo KF and the Port Authority. Ever since the original loading and unloading office was declared bankrupt in 2015 and Turkish Yilport took over the operation of the container terminal at Sjursøya in 2016, the harbor workers have stood almost without work.

The goodwill of some of the operators at the Oslo harbor meant that they had some assignments, and to try to obtain more assignments, the guys at the quay established a new loading and unloading company. Now this company is also shutting down.

- This is a fucking sad day. Now we have been fighting hard for five years to get back our jobs, and now we have come to the point where we have to shut down, head of the Oslo Bryggearbeideres Forening,says Roar Langaard to VårtOslo
Over the past year, the Dockworkers, through the creation of a new loading and unloading office, have tried to make it go around economically. They have not made it.

- We have not managed to attract enough jobs to survive financially. The best solution was now to shut down the operation, says Langaard.

Working with solutions.
Now Langaard is trying to find a solution for the Dockworkers two regular customers Nor Steve and Toten Transport.
"We must try to find a solution for them, but unfortunately they do not have enough assignments to employ any of us," he says.
What happens to the eight employees in the future is uncertain. Langaard has a clear wish that they will still be able to work on the quay in Oslo harbor.

- I hope we will be able to continue on the harbor. We are in a dialogue with a possible employer, so we will see the next week if we get at a solution, emphasizes the head of the Dockworkers.
From this article:
Maintains the Union 
Oslo Bryggearbeideres Forening will, however, remain.
- It is only the OBF unloading and loading office that is shutting down, so there will still be registered port workers in Oslo. We must, however, terminate the union office. We do not have the money to pay rent for it anymore, but we must call that decision all the members of the union to take jointly, concludes Roar Langaard.
Dock workers accuse the Port of Oslo of social dumping Low-wage sailors assist in the unloading and loading of ships at the Port. The dockworkers are pissed.:
Port of Oslo is declared a Port of Convenience (POC)
Norwegian Transport Workers’ Federation, published 16th Oct 2017:
The Board of the ITF Coordinating Committee in Norway agreed unanimously today to declare the Port of Oslo a Port of Convenience (POC). Full powers to take such a decision was given to the Norwegian Coordinating Committee at an ITF meeting in Cape Town in June this year. At the time, the Norwegian unions asked that such a declaration was postponed until it had been discussed with the political authorities in Oslo.
The reason for the decision is based on the discovery of numerous cases of social dumping, disregard for seafarers’ collective bargaining agreements and a breach of ILO Convention 137 in the port. Despite having met with the port authorities in Oslo and Oslo Council several times, representatives from the Norwegian ITF Coordinating Committee say they have seen no change in practices in the port. The loading and unloading of ships is still being carried out by ships’ crew, often without agreement, ignoring the ‘cargo handling clause’ in seafarers’ collective bargaining agreements and without calling on registered dock workers, as per ILO Convention 137.
The Board of the ITF Coordinating Committee in Norway saw no other option than to declare the Port of Oslo a Port of Convenience. As a result, the Norwegian ITF unions are appealing for all ITF-affiliated organisations to make contact with their employer counterparts and ask them to stop using the Port of Oslo and/or implement all available national legal measures until the situation in Oslo port is resolved.
World Maritime News:…/port-of-oslo-declared-por…/

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