Thursday, 21 February 2019

A worker dies when falling from a crane in the Port of Bilbao

The victim, a 43-year-old neighbor of Portugalete, has rushed to the void from about 5 or 6 meters high. Seven workers have died in the CAV so far this year.

A stevedore has died Tuesday in the Port of Bilbao after falling from a crane to the dock, for causes that are investigated, as reported by the Port Authority of Bilbao in a statement.
He is a 43-year-old man domiciled in Portugalete (Bizkaia), who belonged to the Bilboestiba society since July 1998.
The accident was recorded at 11:30 am at the Nemar wharf when the worker carried out the coal unloading work from the crane.
The port's medical services, as well as Osakidetza's staff, have looked after the stevedore, although without success.
Sources of the union ELA have explained that, apparently, some sudden movement of the load has made that the worker, experienced and trained in the handling of the crane, to precipitate to the emptiness from about 5 or 6 meters of height , breaking and crossing the vehicle window.
As a result of the accident, the activity of the company has stopped and tomorrow will also remain stopped. The works council has called the workers to support a mobilization in the morning at the entrance of the Port of Bilbao by Santurtzi.
ELA has conveyed its condolences to relatives and friends of the deceased operator, affiliated to that union, and has indicated that so far this year there are already 7 workers killed in a work accident in the Basque Country.
The plant has demanded the Basque institute of occupational health and safety Osalan and the Labor Inspectorate to determine the causes of the accident and purify the corresponding responsibilities and has said that "behind any accident is the precariousness" labor.
As has been shown, particularly in the port "there are disastrous working conditions such as the high work rates to which the workforce is exposed and the dangerousness of the activity itself, where many different activities are mixed and all of them are at high risk. "
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Longshore Safety Ron Signorino

With great regret, we've been informed of the work-related death of a longshore worker (crane operator) at the Spanish port of Bilbao on Tuesday (19 February). At present, he is known only as "Enrique A."
The article attached below relates that the 43 year old worker suffered a fall of some 5-6 meters (16.5-19.6 Feet), when he fell from a crane that was engaged in the discharge of a bulk coal cargo.

Supplemental reports coming to the writer appear to indicate that some sort of shock load was imposed upon the lifting appliance, which caused the entirety of the plant to be jolted. Those forces apparently propelled the crane operator out of his seat, through the operator cab window and down to the ground below.


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