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Accident after criticized working method in the port!

Accident after criticized working method in the port!

A truck driver had to be driven to a hospital after a collision with a large crane in Gothenburg's container port. The working method that enabled the accident was previously stopped by the Harbor Workers' Union because of the safety risks, but since the union was closed out from the protection work, the method has been introduced by APM Terminals. The company has started an investigation on how it could happen.

At 10 am on Thursday morning, a serious accident occurred at APM Terminals in Gothenburg's container port when a crane and truck collided. The union states that the working method with crane and truck in parallel is something that the Harbor Workers' Federation's safety organization has previously stopped, but after the union has been shut out from the protection work in the port, APM Terminals has introduced it.
A woman had to be taken to hospital after the large crane ran into her truck that overturned.

"She went to the hospital immediately when the emergency services arrived, I don't know more at the moment," says Peter Annerback, chairman of the Hamnfyran Association's Hamnfyran department at lunchtime.

According to information to the worker in the afternoon, the accident-affected woman was shaken, but after examination, she had to leave the hospital. The crane operator is also reportedly unharmed and recovered at home.

The accident occurred in connection with loading of containers on railway cars. A large crane that borders the railway track lifted most of the containers at the same time as the accident-affected woman lifted on other containers below. The large crane then moved to the side and collided with the truck.

- It seems that the crane operator has not discovered the truck. One sits very high up in this giant crane, it is very difficult to see what is happening on the ground and there is no security system that warns, says Amanda Kappelmark at the federal office in Göteborg.

One sits very high up in this giant crane, it is very difficult to see what is happening on the ground and there is no security system that warns. 

Amanda Kappelmark, Chancellor of the Harbor Workers' Union 
She says that the working method with crane and truck in parallel has been something that APM wanted to introduce, but which the Harbor Workers' Union's protection organization previously stopped. According to Amanda Kappelmark, the union has demanded an electronic warning system, something that the company has not heard. But after the union, through Sweden's Ports policy, lost the right to man the protection organization, the system was nevertheless introduced.

- Our stance is that it can be implemented, but then the safety parts should be, so that you know where the machines are in relation to each other. As long as we had the opportunity to work in the protection work, we have stopped this way of working because the company has not been willing to invest in such a security system, ”she says.

In a written statement, APM Terminals writes that the accident meant that rail traffic was stopped until the salvage work was completed and that they had now started an investigation. The company also writes that "APM Terminals regrets the impact this has had on all parties involved".

- It's very sad what has happened. Our focus is on taking care of those who have been involved in the event, even colleagues are concerned when such a thing occurs. We support everyone who needs support, says Magnus Lundberg, Production Manager for APM Terminals in Gothenburg.

This particular way of working should have been stopped by the safety officers, but when they were gone then was it introduced without warning system?
- We have taken measures where we judge that the management we have is to be safe and yet this has now happened. The investigation may show how this has happened in spite of the measures, he says.

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