Tuesday, 12 February 2019

New massive lockout warning from the Ports of Sweden today

I am posting this on behalf of Sven Lundeng and the Sweedish  Dockers

New massive lockout warning from the Ports of Sweden today - members of the Harbor Workers' Union excluded from work without pay for a total of 1,021 hours up to and including 20th February.

The Swedish Dockworkers Union has therefore decided that the conflict fund should be put into use. It will be the second time in 38 years. If you want to contribute to the Harbor Workers' Confederation's cash register, you can do so by:
Bankgiro: 177-9750.
IBAN: SE74 8000 0842 0234 3980 0271

The Swedish Harbor's lockouts now exceed one thousand hours - the harbor conflict in figures
2019-02-11 Press release
On Monday morning, the Swedish Harbor Workers 'Union received further notice of lockout from the employers' organization Sveriges Hamnar. The employer organization's combat measures now total 1021 hours of production stops where the staff are excluded from their workplaces without pay. The Dockworkers' notified point strikes, when the employees themselves put the work down, amount to 189.5 hours during the same period, from January 23 to February 20, 2019.

-This follows the same pattern as before. Point strikes in a couple of hours are dealt with lockouts that shut down the ports during both day and evening shifts, says federal board member Erik Helgeson.

-Our assessment is that the employers' organization wants to harm our members financially through heavy pay deductions for emptying the union's cash register. Perhaps one is also trying to escalate the crisis in the ports with long production stops to force some sort of political intervention, says union director Erik Helgeson.

-We have large parts of the establishment in the counterpart's ring corner, so it is clear the situation is stressful. But we were prepared for that. However, we are surprised and grateful for the support we have received and continue to receive from ordinary employees around Sweden. There are name lists, support statements and collected contributions to the conflict fund from various workplaces all the time, says Federal President Eskil Rönér.

- The Ports of Sweden have infinitely greater economic muscles than us, but I think they have a great educational challenge in front of them. They are starting to find it increasingly difficult to explain the extended lockouts and why it is so important to deny us a common, similarly so-called second agreement according to the minimum minimum level, Rönér concludes.

The Conflict in figures:
Unions The Swedish Harbor Workers' Union has so far announced about 189.5 hours of strike, that is, the workers are putting down the work. The point strikes are distributed over 68 different conflicts in 16 stevedoring terminals around Sweden. The union's average point strike includes so far 2 hours and 47 minutes of work stoppage.

The employers' organization Sveriges Hamnar has so far announced about 1,021 hours of lockout, that is, the port companies foreclosed the harbor workers from their workplaces without pay. The lockouts have been distributed over 68 different conflicts in 16 stevedoring terminals around Sweden. The employer's association's average lockout to date includes 15 hours of work stoppage.

Overall, the Ports of Sweden's lockout means so far more than five times as large a production stop in the ports as the Swedish Harbor Workers' Federation's strikes.

A current list of notified strikes and lockouts in the harbor conflict can be found here:
The list is updated continuously with information on notified conflict measures.
Strike is a trade union conflict measure, which means that the employees put down the work.
Lockout is the employer party's conflict measure, which means that employees are excluded from their workplace without pay.

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