Friday, 15 February 2019

Triple E, Merete Maersk arrives starboard side to Felixstowe Berth 9 with 3 tugs. 11th February 2019

A very busy day at the Port of Felixstowe as almost one million tonnes were moving in the Harwich Haven and that was just 4 vessels. The day started off with the ultra large MSC Anna departing with the Merete Maersk inbound for her berth then CSCL Globe to swing off the berth and outbound before the Thalassa Axia in for her berth. Merete Maersk was coasting from Rotterdam with a draught of 11.8 metres bound for Felixstowe. As the pilot boards at the Sunk Pilot Station, MSC Anna was preparing to sail but had a small issue with the engine. Problem solved,the Anna breaks away. Due to the rush of vessels and the CSCL Globe being tide restricted, the options were very limited so the Merete Maersk was planned starboard side to Felixstowe berth 9 in hope there was enough time left with the tidal window to get the Globe swung and out to the Sunk....
The pilot onboard Merete Maersk radios Harwich VTS to find out where position of the MSC Anna, with her off the berth, Merete proceeds in at reduced speed to allow the Anna to pass 5&6 Buoys. After a few minutes the pilot confirms that he requires three tugs for berthing. The first 7&8 to make fast centre lead aft, the second tug at the Platters to escort on the starboard quarter then move onto the port side to make fast on the quarter. Finally the third tug inside the harbour to make fast on the port shoulder. Svitzer Deben is the first tug to head out of the harbour with Svitzer Sky heading out a few minutes later. As time went on the Svitzer Kent leaves the tug pontoon and steadily heads down the harbour. Deben aft helps steer the Merete around the 90° Beach End turn with a powered indirect. Safely inside the harbour, Sky comes away from the ships starboard quarter and moves around the stern to make fast on the port quarter.

Published on 13 Feb 2019


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