Sunday, 24 February 2019


 Credit: ABP
Councillors from the UK port cities of Southampton, Liverpool, and Bristol have attended the Clean Air Summit to ask for greater legal powers to combat air pollution in ports, as well as funding for shore-to-ship power projects.

The city leaders and environmental groups who attended the Summit in London are calling for the Government’s proposed Environment Bill to be renamed the Clean Air and Environment Bill and to contain multiple provisions including the requirement of action from private and public bodies such as ports to improve air quality.

City leaders want ministers to seize the opportunity presented by the Government’s new Environment Bill to put in place world-leading legislation for clean air that prioritises action to reduce road transport emissions and provides appropriately resourced new powers to tackle other sources of pollution including from buildings, construction and maritime sources.

The port city councils are drafting a joint letter to send to the government in the next few weeks.

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