Friday, 22 March 2019

Evelyn Maersk swings to starboard as she departs Felixstowe with three Svitzer tugs 21st March 2019

The Evelyn Maersk arrived to Felixstowe completely empty with a very shallow draught. Whilst alongside Felixstowe Berth 9 she was being loaded hold by hold. The duty tug, Svitzer Sky, radios Harwich VTS to confirm how many tugs that were ordered because of an quayside breakdown VTS understood that an extra tug had to be ordered. With two already ordered, requirements meant that a third had to be added to the order form. As the last gear bin was put onboard, the Sky leaves the tug pontoon. A few minutes later, the pilot radios VTS to say they were ready for the tugs and mooring gang. The pilot continues with the maximum draught of 11.4 metres for Wilhelmshaven. Shortly after the pilot requesting the tugs, Svitzer Kent leaves the tug pontoon followed by the Svitzer Shotley. Sky makes fast centre lead forward, Kent heads for the stern to make fast port of centre lead aft and Shotley makes fast on the port quarter. All tugs back away as the head and stern lines were slackened leaving springs until last.
Shotley builds to a 25% pull just to ease her off the fenders. Sky and Kent build up to 50% before increasing further. With a little pull fore and aft, the OOCL Hong Kong berthed ahead of her comes into sight still heavily laden from Singapore. The Evelyn’s stern starts to swing to starboard with the tugs power. The pilot gets the Sky to move from the port Shoulder to starboard shoulder. Once around there, the pilot gets them to increase power to take her bow around. Swung around 80%, the pilot gets the Shotley to ease and get ready to let go from the quarter. Kent eases aft and dropping astern as the pilot runs the engine ahead. Shotley lays alongside the port quarter on standby. Sky reels themselves in ready to let go from forward, they peel off onto the Felixstowe side and returns to Ro-Ro3 where Svitzer Deben had been receiving bunkers to transfer passengers. Evelyn Maersk with the Shotley and Kent round the Beach End turn out of the harbour. After a few minutes, Shotley is stood down then Kent is released shortly after. Shotley was stood down and on call back if required during day as the evening /night was predicted to be quite busy with arrivals and departures. Kent comes back into the harbour and commences a few drills before their next job which was the heavily laden MSC Maya which was inbound on reduced speed at the South Shipwash.

Published on 21 Mar 2019

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