Friday, 8 March 2019

Tragic accident on ENI rig and supply ship, 1 died 2 injured, Italy

Crane collapsed on ENI’s platform Barbara F, located in Adriatic sea some 30 nm off Alcona coast, Italy, at around 0745 LT Mar 5. Crane broke from platform structure while hoisting gas cylinder, and fell down, crushing onto offshore supply ship at platform side, and then sliding to sea, with operator in crane’s cabin. Two crew of offshore supply ship were badly injured, and airlifted to hospital. Crane with cabin and operator trapped in it, hang on cables at some 70 meters depth. Reportedly, scuba divers already located cabin and operator’s body. No information on offshore supply ship damages, ship itself wasn’t identified, but according to some sources (not yet confirmed), it’s ALINE B (IMO 9440734, GT 1342, flag Italy).

My name is Nikolay Torkin, I’m Merchant Marine Master, presently in command of feeder container ship trading in South East Asia. My family lives in Prague, Czech Republic. Mikhail provides me with daily accidents reports, I send him information with regards to accidents and container ships.

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