Saturday, 27 April 2019

2.2 tons of cocaine found on Neopanamax container ship, so what?

1851 packages of cocaine, of total 2202 kilo weight, were found in containers on board of Neopanamax container ship MSC CARLOTTA at Callao port, according Chilean police official statement. The ship arrived at Callao on Apr 23, and most likely, police and anti-drug agency already knew where to look for. After Callao, the ship is to call Panama and then, Belgium, Antwerp, believed to be port of cocaine destination. No crew were detained, investigation is still going on, MSC CARLOTTA still berthed at Callao as of morning Apr 25. Highly unlikely crew or company or MSC agents have anything to do with busted drugs shipment.
With news like this one being regular, I can’t but feel frustrated every time I publish them, just by sheer meaningless of it all. There’s little doubt if any at all, that overwhelming majority of drugs hidden in containers, safely reach their destinations. Here and there crews are arrested and sentenced on false accusations of collusion with drug smuggling rings. What’s the use of this incessant and fruitless fight with drugs trafficking? Does it hamper or disrupt trafficking to any considerable effect? No, but what it does, and very effectively, is sustaining drugs street costs on a level which brings fortunes to organized crime, and being justification of anti-drug agencies existence, with fortunes wasted on them, being little less (or probably, bigger), than those pouring onto criminals. Fighters with drugs are interested in drugs trafficking no less than traffickers. What’s the use of all this, the purpose? Aren’t there other ways to deal with drugs problem, sensible and realistic?
Container ship MSC CARLOTTA, IMO 9756731, dwt 122000, capacity 10775 TEU, built 2017, flag Liberia, operator MSC.

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