Tuesday, 23 April 2019

A big round of applause for the dockworkers in Rotterdam!

ETF Dockers' Section writes:
A big round of applause for the dockworkers in Rotterdam!

The article:
Port workers refuse to unload the ship in solidarity with the crew.

Port employees of the Rotterdam European Bulk Services (EBS) terminal refused to unload a German cargo ship in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The action was a gesture of solidarity towards the ship's crew.
It concerns the ship MV Puma from shipping company Blumenthal on which some 17 Filipino, Russian and Ukrainian sailors work. The German shipowner is known for being heavily underpaid to employees. He also refuses to make collective agreements.
According to trade union FNV, the monthly wage of a full sailor is around $ 900 for working 48 hours a week. The international minimum wage is $ 1085 a month. The living conditions on board are also bad, reports FNV Havens.
The action in the port of Rotterdam started when the captain of the ship refused to let an inspector aboard the ITF (International Transport Workers) who came to check the working conditions.


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