Wednesday, 8 May 2019

DP World Leverages Wireless Backbone

A new video has been published by Rajant, BT and DP World to demonstrate how one of Europe’s largest trade hubs is managing to stay connected.

As one of the biggest terminals operated by DP World, Antwerp Gateway handles over 2 million containers on a daily basis, moving cargo day and night in order to meet increasing levels of demand.
In order to support these operations, the huge surface of the yard at Antwerp must be covered by a wireless network that is resilient and has an incredibly high bandwidth, ensuring the terminal can always function in an efficient manner.

A port can be an especially difficult environment to cover, as large stacks of containers and other types of machinery will often block signals and create disruption to wireless networks.
It was for this reason that Antwerp opted for Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh solution, as it behaves differently to Wi-Fi and maintains multiple connections, scanning the local environment to discover the fastest route for transferring data and information wirelessly.
Another consideration, according to BT’s Global Account Director Phillipe de Crombrugghe, is the matter of security, and networks used in important trade centres like ports must be able to resist any form of cyber threat.
By working together to offer a “wireless backbone”, Rajant and BT are supporting the digital transformation of DP World’s facility as it continues to grow and develop new technologies, including automation.
Jef Lambregts, Head of Engineering at DP World Antwerp, has emphasized that without this backbone it would not be possible to operate the terminal in an effective, cost-efficient or environmentally-friendly manner.
A strong wireless network, that is adaptable and flexible, is also expected to facilitate the rise of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing terminal operators like DP World to create connectivity between man and machine.

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