Tuesday, 7 May 2019

New system for Containerised bulk

The KOTTA Spreader attachment (foreground) and KOTTA bottom dump container

KOTTA has unveiled its “KOTTA Spreader” attachment for opening its bottom dump containers under a crane spreader.

At the Intermodal Exhibition in Rotterdam last November Russia’s KOTTA unveiled a new concept for contaienrised bulk logistics featuring special corrosion resistant containers with a new bottom dump mechanism for unloading the container by opening the floor panels. KOTTA also announced a new spreader attachment for activating the bottom discharge mechanism.

The spreader attachment is needed to provide a mechanism to activate the bottom dump system in the containers independently of the main twistlocks for lifting the containers. KOTTA has now revealed the first look at its new KOTTA spreader attachment, which connects to a standard crane spreader via its twistlocks and activates the floor opening system to empty the container.
As can be seen from the video taken at Port Bronka near St Petersburg, the KOTTA spreader enables the container floor hatches to be opened (and closed from) the crane cab. The new KOTTA spreader attachment achieves this with an additional pair of twistlocks in the middle of the end beams that activate the container floor opening system. Working together as system, the bottom dump container and spreader attachment are an alternative to standard bulk material boxes that are emptied with container rotator or tippler. This has several advantages, and will be discussed further in the next print edition of WorldCargo News.

KOTTA’s technology is protected by patents covering: the bottom dump container design, the spreader to activate the bottom dump mechanism, and the corrosion resistant container lining.

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