Saturday, 18 May 2019

OOCL Japan departs the Port of Felixstowe after completing cargo operations

Published on 14 May 2019
OOCL Japan breaks away from Felixstowe's deep water berth 9 bound for Rotterdam with a maximum draught of 13.8 metres after discharging cargo for the UK. Cargo operations had finished around 8am but with inbound vessels due throughout the morning her departure time slipped to 12:30pm when her next tidal window was available. Inbound for Trinity 6, MSC Topaz, had two tugs assisting her onto the berth. After they had slid her onto the berth and mooring gang making her fast, the tugs were stood down and they headed down the harbour to assist with the OOCL Japan. Soon after the mooring gang also head to the OOCL Japan. Svitzer Kent makes fast centre lead aft while Svitzer Shotley makes fast centre lead forward. The crew were standing by fore and aft for the tugs to approach. Once they were all fast, they back away to pull positions. While the tugs were making fast, VTS radios the pilot and gives the news that the DFDS ferry was inbound and could they wait a bit longer until she was through the harbour. The captain wasn't best pleased as this would further delay his arrival at Rotterdam which he was a few hours late but with no other option they had to wait Finally with the DFDS in the harbour the mooring gang began to single up, with the springs last lines to be released. The pilot gets the Kent and Shotley to start off with an easy weight then build up to 50% and then up to full power. The Japan edges further into the channel before the pilot kicks the engine astern to help back her out more into the channel. As the pilot runs the engine ahead, Kent drops in astern but favours the starboard side. The Svitzer Shotley is released from forward and stood down so they head back to the pontoon. Approaching the Fort Buoy, the pilot gives the Kent the heads up that they will be used for powered indirect around the Beach End turn out of the harbour. The Svitzer Kent moves out onto the starboard quarter at full line load of about 90 tonnes producing a list of about 15° helping the OOCL Japan out into the North Sea. After rounding the Beach End, Kent was stood down and they return to the harbour.

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