Thursday, 9 May 2019

PIL and FESCO ships collided, but where and when? Mysterious video. UPDATE

Video appeared in social nets showing collision between FESCO and PIL container ships, FESCO VOYAGER and HAPPY LUCKY, with comments in Russian. According to comments, the ships collided in Vietnamese port, date unknown. A woman commenting the clip didn’t add any more details. She’s a witness who filmed accident, she’s obviously, a cook or a steward, hence total absence of important details, of any details, actually, except emotions and yells.
UPDATE: According to FESCO management, collision took place on Apr 29 in Hai Phong port. Damaged containers onboard of PIL’s ship can be seen. FESCO VOYAGER reported damaged, in need of repairs. 
Container ship FESCO VOYAGER, IMO 9168245, dwt 14000, capacity 790 TEU, built 1998, flag Cyprus, owner FESCO Vladivostok.
Container ship HAPPY LUCKY, IMO 9363405, dwt 33406, capacity 2483 TEU, built 2008, flag Liberia, manager PIL.

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