Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Anzani House Anzani Avenue Felixstowe IP11 4XA - The Facts

Non Material Amendment of DC/16/1933/FUL - Demolition of office building (use class B1a) and redevelopment of site to provide a distribution and storage facility (use class B8), vehicle parking, gatehouse and staff welfare facilities, landscaping, access alterations and relocation of pumping station - The amendment is sought to ensure that Anzani House can be demolished without further delay. A previous non-material amendment application was made in March 2019 to facilitate the commencement of development through the demolition of outbuildings. A revised non-material amendment is therefore required in order to facilitate complete demolition of the site. This is for safety and security reasons associated with the existing building as well as to facilitate site survey work.
StatusAwaiting decision
Appeal StatusUnknown
Appeal DecisionNot Available
Received Date20 Jun 2019
Updated24 June 2019


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