Saturday, 15 June 2019

Gaussin in the door with UPS

GAUSSIN has signed a Master Supplier Agreement with UPS for its Automotive Swap Body Mover (ASBM).

Gaussin has announced the signing of a “Master Supplier Agreement with the UPS (United Parcel Service) for electric vehicles”.

“The agreement, which covers all UPS facilities in the world, is accompanied by a first order for an ASBM (Automotive Swap Body Mover) dedicated to the transport of swap body containers for the UPS facility in London, the DP World London Gateway Logistics Park. The vehicle is to be delivered in late 2019,” Gaussin stated. 

Gaussin is excited to see its vehicles join the UPS fleet, which numbers some 123,000 vehicles. In 2018 UPS had 300 electric vehicles deployed in Europe and the US, plus nearly 700 hybrid electric vehicles. The company has a goal of having one in four new vehicles purchased after 2020 “being an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle.”

The ABSM can handle loading swap bodies of all sizes, and optionally trailers or semi-trailers, in private areas, and is based on Gaussin’s ATT concept. “The ASBM is an electric vehicle that requires very little maintenance and dramatically reduces operating costs. Its design gives it the advantage of very high manoeuvrability, while its FULL ELEC power system, with zero CO2 emissions and noise, allows it to address the environmental requirements of markets”, added Gaussin.


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