Friday, 21 June 2019

MSC Agrees Major Investment in Canary Islands Terminal

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company and the Port Authority of Las Palmas have agreed an investment plan to boost the Port of La Luz, Gran Canaria, according to local reports.

The project, worth around US$10 million, has been launched to improve facilities at La Luz, a key transport hub for cargo and maritime traffic moving between Europe and West Africa.
As part of the upgrade, MSC and operator OPCSA will modernize the port and expand its manoeuvring area, creating space for new cranes that will be used to load and unload an increased volume of incoming vessels.

Theo Notteboom discusses transhipment traffic and gateway volatility in a recent Port Technology technical paper

With the support of additional berthing capacity, La Luz will be able to extend the services they are currently able to offer.
Also included in the joint-venture initiative is the unification of concessions, a move that aims to homogenize the operations of the terminal by combining the facility’s two berthing lines.
A meeting to finalize the plans, held this week in Geneva, was attended by Juan José Cardona, President of the Port Authority of Las Palmas, and MSC President Diego Aponte, as well as Director of OPCSA Jan Novak.

In support of the upcoming upgrade, which will be carried out over the course of an eight-year programme, OPCSA recently completed a successful transition to Navis’ N4 terminal operating system (TOS).
The solution is predicted to limit the number of unproductive container moves carried out at the terminals, increasing the speed of operations and reducing costs.

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