Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Straddle breakthrough for ZPMC

ZPMC will deliver eight of its own “Intelligent Straddle carriers” to Stockholm.

The straddle carriers have been ordered by Hutchison Ports for its terminal in Stockholm, Sweden. Hutchison is one of ZPMC’s largest customers and has worked closely with the company as it pushes into new areas, including automated and remote control cranes.

The straddle carries will be ZPMC’s “Intelligent” design which was launched in early 2018. Featuring a diesel hybrid drive, the Intelligent straddle carrier is designed to be operated in manual or unmanned mode, and can be switched between the two. For navigation the Intelligent Straddle concept features technology developed in partnership with Chinese AI startup Westwell lab, that, claims ZPMC, can operate with an accuracy of “nearly 100%” while requiring no physical infrastructure on the terminal for navigation and control.

It is not known whether Hutchison Ports has plans to operate the machines in automation mode in Sweden, where Hutchison Ports has operated Container Terminal Frihamnen in central Stockholm since 2009. Earlier this year Hutchison signed an agreement to operate the new container terminal now under construction at Stockholm Norvik Port, some 60km south of Stockholm. This is slated to open in 2020, and the existing site in central Stockholm will then be redeveloped for residential and commercial purposes.


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