Thursday, 18 July 2019

A truly great boss is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.

He told us that if we WORK LATE
1) we are not efficient
2) we would be coming to work tired the next morning and thus will make mistakes and not think outside the box
3) our families eventually will ask us to find another job
4) and get this, he wants us to have a life outside the office and to leave the office on time
He set the example by himself always leaving on time.
This former strange boss of mine, Barry Appelman, invented instant messaging, video over IP, holds 60 patents, and was the head of software development of AOL in its glorious days of the 90s. 
His teams were always the most innovative, at IBM Watson and AOL.
Do you agree with his style of management, of letting employees have a life ?
My first day at a NEW JOB, first meeting at 8:30am.
Post by Lauren Kressler , translated/adapted from Spanish.
"My first day at a NEW JOB, first meeting at 8:30am.
I arrive on time and get introduced to the team. The meeting starts. Then, my mobile phone rings.
“Mrs. Lauren, you daughter fell and hit her eyebrow, we are taking her to the hospital”.
Pale, I ask a couple of questions, and hang up.
I have been working just an hour, my new boss does not know me, and my daughter is on the way to the hospital.
I explain this to my new boss, and he says “Please go to see her now. The work will wait for you. We start again tomorrow or the day after. Call me please if you need more days and how your daughter is doing.”
My boss has earned my absolute loyalty, admiration and respect.
Bosses that put employees first get the best results."
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