Saturday, 27 July 2019

Container Ship Vlog #21 (Footage from Europe)


Well this is the next video in this vlog series and it is footage from when we were on the European side. I always try to make videos from my point of view and now overproduce. I just try to make it real and let you all come along with me in my day to day life on the ship so I hope you enjoy it. I always love to hear your comments and suggestions and I would always love to meet up with you guys when I have free time in port....I hope you all have a great new year 2019. I posted some video from how I spent New Years Eve here on the channel so check it out. I am also just lately on Twitter so connect with me there. TWITTER @jeffs_vlogs To contact me email at and allow time for me to reply....I am always on the go...

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