Friday, 26 July 2019

World's Largest Container Ship, Evergreen 20,000+ TEU Class "Ever Given" Into Kaohsiung Harbor


Evergreen marine's "Ever Golden Class" container ship is largest & heaviest container ship series in the world, and the "Ever Given" is one of the members of this series. (Created in Aug.01.2018) Other relate videos of Ever Golden Class container ship: "Ever Golden Class" series are produce from Japan(IMABARI SHIPBUILDING CO.,LTD-今治造船・丸亀事業所にて建造中の正栄汽船向け20,000TEU型コンテナ船。)

Evergreen marine Ever Given Size: 400 x 59 m (400.0 x 58.8 m)(World's largest container ship) Draught: 16.0 m (Minimum: 7.1 m) Gross Tonnage: 217,612 t (World's heaviest container ship) Deadweight: 218,000 t (Summer Deadweight: 199,700 t) Capacity: 20,388 TEU (All of the series are 20,388 TEU) Installed power: 1 × 59,250kW Max speed: 22.5 kn (41.7km/h) Builder: IMABARI SHIPBUILDING CO.,LTD-今治造船・丸亀事業所 Series building year: 2018-now 00:40----Evergreen Ever Given container ship into the harbor 01:30----Spectacular approaching 03:40----Through the middle 06:00----Two harbor tugboats assist right turn in front left 08:00----Ready for mooring 09:00----Turn right by four harbor tugboats (mooring) 10:00----Turn right by four harbor tugboats (mooring) Kaohsiung Harbor is the largest and busiest port in Taiwan, It is also the 13th largest port in the world. This video is Filmed in Kaohsiung Harbor second entrance.(Dec.23.2018) Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan(second only to Taipei), located in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung has Taiwan's largest port and the second largest airport !!

Published on 23 Dec 2018

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