Friday, 9 August 2019

‎Geoffrey Watson‎ to Gravesend & Tilbury - "Gateway to the Port of London"

Flamengo outbound from Tilbury 22/9/86. Built 1985 and scrapped Aliaga 11/13.

Saxon Star outbound from Tilbury 28/10/84. Built 1975 and scrapped Alang 8/03.
Van Warrior berthing Tower Wharf 1/12/86. Built 1983 and scrapped Gadani Beach 9/14.
Success inbound for Purfleet 2/3/87. Built 1985 and broken up Chittagong 11/09.
Barber Hector swinging for Tilbury Lock 9/9/86. Built 1984. Converted into a car carrier 2003 before finally being broken up in China 8/14.
Atinuke Abiola outbound from Tilbury 7/9/86. Only completed that year she survived until broken up Aliaga 12/13.
Elm outbound from Tower Wharf 25/10/84. Built 1962 and deleted 1/12.

Copacabana outbound from Tilbury 26/10/84. Built 1984 and scrapped Aliaga 6/13.

All these pics and info come from Geoffrey Watson‎ who has given myself permission to publish 

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