Thursday, 15 August 2019

SIPTU calls for immediate action after truck driver killed while working in North Docks

A view of Dublin's Docklands
Trade Union SIPTU has called for immediate action to protect workers following the tragic death of a man in Dublin Port on Wednesday morning.
Gardai are investigating after a truck driver in his 50s was killed after being hit by another vehicle while unloading a fridge from the back.
It's the seventh workplace death on the docks in the last two years.
Gardai say a file will be prepared for the Coroners Court while SIPTU Ports, Docks and Harbour Organiser Jerry Brennan has called for new regulations as tragedies are happening "sickeningly" regularly.
He said: “This tragedy today is the seventh such fatality in port and dock environments across the country in the last 24 months.
SIPTU is calling for an immediate meeting with the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation.
"Heather Humphreys, and health safety officials from within her department.
"This call to meet with the Minister is also supported by the International Transport Workers’ Federation Inspector for Ireland, Mickey Whelan.
These tragedies are occurring with frightening and frankly quite sickening regularity."It is beyond my comprehension how the construction industry has had the benefit of a national safe pass certificate requirement for almost 30 years and yet there is no such corresponding national requirement within our ports and docks.“We extend our condolences to the family, loved ones and colleagues of the deceased worker. We also hope that this is the final such fatality before the long necessary action is taken to ensure our ports and docks become safer working environments.”

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