Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Ultra Large MSC Valeria arrives to Felixstowe heavily laden from the Far East. 6th August 2019

Nigel Rose

Published on 7 Aug 2019

MSC Valeria departed Colombo, Sri Lanka heavily laden bound for Felixstowe. After negotiating the Suez Canal in a Northbound convoy into the Mediterranean Sea, she carries on through the Gibraltar Straights towards the United Kingdom. Approaching the UK, she sails in English Channel and through Northern Europe's biggest bottlenecks, the Dover Straights into the North Sea to the Sunk Pilot Station. A Harwich Haven pilot launch meets the MSC Valeria in the Sunk Diamond, slightly later than planned, to board a pilot for the inbound journey to Felixstowe. Once onboard the pilot radios Sunk VTS to say he was onboard, inbound for Felixstowe 13.5 metre draught with no defects. Soon after the pilot radios Harwich VTS to say that they were inbound for Felixstowe Berth 8 with a maximum draught of 13.5 metres and no defects from her last port of Colombo. VTS replies that there was a ready berth planned port side to Felixstowe Berth 8. VTS continues with the height of tide and the wind on the Landguard. The wind was steadily increasing through the afternoon...

The original MSC Valeria that used to promote so much controversy if you had the misfortune to work it. However after so many safety restrictions it turned into a half decent job !!!!!

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