Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Port Of Liverpool Pics By Philip Parker

View from the top deck of ACL G4 Atlantic Sea alongside Seaforth Liverpool December 2018.

Did anyone sail for Ellermans on the Sea Containers owned "Hustler" class container vessels in the late 1960's/early 1970's?This was before they relocated to Ellesmere Port and changed names with a City of prexix Photo of Minho alongside the North Hornby Container Terminal in May 1870 In use prior to the opening of Seaforth Container Terminal in 1972. Now infilled as part of a Haulage Depot and the access road to the west side and Gladstone Lock.

ACL G4 vessel Atlantic Sun outward from Gladstone Lock, Survey vessel on the way inward. 26.10.2018.

MSC Charter vessel "Demeter" alongside Liverpool's T2 River Terminal, Liverpool 12.4.2019.

Seaforth scene from 18.8.2018. MSC Alyssa alongside T2 with two ACL G4's, Atlantic Sail inward and Atlantic Sun outward from Gladstone Lock, Svitzer Tugs, Millgarth, Svitzer Sussex and Svitzer Warden.

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