Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Third mega freight ferry from Jinling for sea trials

Our third freight ferry from Jinling Shipyard went for sea trials last Sunday. The pictures show the ferry on the first evening of her sea trials, anchoring on the Yangtze River
Our colleagues at the Jinling Shipyard in China are as busy as ever. They are currently managing the construction of the third, fourth and fifth freight ferry and blocks for the sixth vessel are under construction with keel-laying expected to take place in October.
Senior Project Manager Jens Peter Baltsersen has shared some photos and information to provide insight into what is going on at Jinling.
Jens Peter says: “Our third freight ferry went for sea trials last Sunday. During the sea trials the entire ship is tested to ensure that everything is working properly and that all systems on board are functioning normally. Following the sea trials, final adjustments will ensure that the ferry is ready for delivery in mid-October.
The other mega ferries are still at the shipyard:

“Commissioning of systems on board our fourth freight ferry has started. The ferry was launched last month and has since then been laying at the outfitting pier as seen on the pictures above. Expected delivery is around 1 December.”
“Just over a month ago, the fifth ferry was merely a mega block waiting to be assembled and welded. However,  as seen on the photo the progress is clearly visible now and the fifth ferry is quickly taking shape after her previous sisters. This week main engines were installed.”

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