Tuesday, 3 September 2019

WATCH: China’s Biggest Megaships

By Max Schwerdtfeger

What are the biggest ships in the world and why is there such a rush to build bigger ports and terminals?

The answer is, of course, booming global trade, the effects of which can be found in maritime’s most powerful nation: China.
Ports and terminals are getting bigger as vessels’ cargo capacity increase to meet the demands of a burgeoning global economy.  
China has six of the ten biggest ports in the world and extremely close connections with of the remaining four.

Port Technology has reported extensively on China’s ascent, as well as the implications for the wider industry, including a video from Richard Aguilar on the country’s three biggest ports.
Aguilar has released a new video which has looked at another facet of China’s maritime innovation: megaships.
Asia is leading the way in building megaships of all kinds, including container vessels, oil tankers and even aircraft carriers.
One of those, as the video demonstrates, is the MSC Gulsun, the biggest container ship ever built. In July 2019, Port Technology reported how it had been built by the Korean shipbuilding giant Samsung Heavy Industries and began its maiden voyage from the Chinese port of Tianjin on its way to Europe.

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