Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Be Somebody Who Makes Everyone Feel Like Somebody

Deepak Bhagat

Deepak Bhagat

Co-founder, CCO, and Chief Strategist atApplify

I was a new recruit.
It was my first day. 
I was petrified. 
Had no idea what to do, where to go, and whom to meet.
I see a dynamic man coming in - high-fiving others with a million-dollar smile on his face.
There was something about him. He had an aura that was captivating. Suddenly, I realized that he was coming in my direction.
“Deepak?”, he said.   
“Yeah. It’s my first day here”, I replied.
“Hi. I am Dave, your Manager. We would be working together. Come, I’ll introduce you to our team members and brief you about what you would be doing here”, he said.
All those first-day jitters were gone. Suddenly, I was at ease. 
From introducing me to others to inviting me to have lunch together, he did everything to drive away my first-day anxiety at work. 
The generosity and caring attitude continued until my last day at that company. He was nice to everyone, not just me. 
I might not remember every word he said but I remember how he made me feel. I remember him covering up for my mistakes. I remember him encouraging me, giving me constructive feedback, pushing me to take difficult projects, and leading many others like me at the office.
Today, when I look back, I remember him as somebody who made everyone feel like somebody. And that’s the biggest leadership lesson I have learned from him.
He made the workplace a better place for so many of us. I wasn't just a superb leader but an amazing human being too.
Isn’t that a great way to be remembered for?
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Deepak is the Co-founder, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and Chief Strategist atApplify - a leading mobile app development agency with a zeal for perfection and innovation. He is responsible for the company’s overall operation and management and has been the driving force behind its strategy, guidance, and direction. As a tech enthusiast, he shares knowledge of the latest trends in technology and applications at AppFutura

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Deepak Bhagat
Deepak Bhagat
Co-founder, CCO, and Chief Strategist at Applify

From a fresher to a CCO now, read how my FIRST MANAGER taught me so much about LEADERSHIP. hashtagkindness hashtagbosses hashtagmanagers hashtagcareer hashtagleadership

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