Monday, 21 October 2019

Ever Globe makes an appearance on her maiden voyage to the Port of Felixstowe. 19th October 2019


As nothing ever goes to plan at Felixstowe with arrivals, this maiden voyage container ship Ever Globe was meant to be alongside Felixstowe berth 8 for 1900 but with the OOCL Japan on her berth the light was beginning to fade. Eventually the OOCL Japan was departing with the assistance of two Svitzer tugs. Meanwhile 12 miles out in the North Sea, a Harwich Haven pilot was boarding the Ever Globe at the Sunk Pilot Station. Once the pilot was onboard he radios Harwich VTS to say he was onboard, inbound for Felixstowe with a maximum draught of 11.2 metres from Rotterdam. VTS replies that they were planned port side to Felixstowe Berth 8, the OOCL Japan was off the berth but not coming ahead and the plan was to get the Stena Britannica in first before themselves. The pilot requests three Svitzer tugs to assist with her arrival. Two tugs outside and the other inside the harbour. 

With the OOCL Japan outbound, the Ever Globe was steadily heading inbound and committed to the main deep water channel. The Stena Britannica was passing the North Shipwash as the Ever Globe was near the Walker Buoy. As the light faded, the maiden voyage vessel was disappearing into the darkness. ETD Tuesday 22nd October 2019 approx 0130 bound for Hamburg.

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