Monday, 7 October 2019

New play will make sure Cork's dockworkers will not become forgotten voices

The conversations of Cork dock workers will come aline on stage in October.
Following the phenomenal success of its premiere run earlier in the summer, Dockers by Marion Wyatt, the creator of Shawlies and The Sunbeam Girls, now transfers to Fr Mathew Hall. 
Opening Wednesday, October 2 and running for 10 performances, excluding Sunday 6.
Based on the research of Pat “Fáda Beag” O’Brien O’Leary, Dockers is dramatised from conversations held with associates, friends and families of former Cork Dockers who shared their lived experiences.
The script includes verbatim contributions from Jim “Doc” Doherty, Stephen “ Wazzi” Hogan, Pat “Fáda Beag” O’Brien O’Leary, Liam “Bull” O’Callaghan, Jim “Josser” Tobin, Micky “ Sow” Crowley, Frank “Snooky” Brady, John “Invisible Man” Coffey, Breda Dineen Scanlon, Suzanne Dineen, Christine Coleman, Tommy Jones, Donie Homan and others who have chosen to remain anonymous.
Dockers takes place in and around the docklands and northside suburb of Cork, Ireland, a maritime city. It begins in February 2009. 
The time of the final rationalisation in the Port of Cork. As stories unfold in the memories of those who worked down-the docks we travel back and forth in time. Dockers could be set in any harbour city in the world, for Dockers is a timeless, universal story of the harsh conditions, plight and fight of the working man and the formidable women and families who support them.
Dockers the play aims to ensure that Dockers, the men, do not become forgotten voices.
The cast of 30 ranges from 15 to 80 years of age. Dockers is a play, with music and includes original songs by Joey Neville and Billy Bullman. 
Tickets are €23 and are available on For information contact: 087 3193166

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