Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Seago Piraeus breaks away from Felixstowe's Trinity Terminal as ML Freyja arrives. 1st October 2019

The Seago Piraeus prepares to depart from Felixstowe Trinity 6. As the Harwich Haven pilot boards from the shore side, Svitzer Deben proceeds along Trinity Terminal to position by the stern of the Seago Piraeus until they were required. Finally the pilot radios Harwich VTS to say he was onboard with a draught of 12 metres for Rotterdam and would like the services and one tug. Svitzer Deben sitting just aft radios the pilot and confirms that they would be assisting. The skipper asks where they would like to be made fast. The pilot replies centre lead aft for the Deben.  

At the same time, the ML Freyja was inbound for Harwich Navyard 2 so they had to watch points of where they would pass. The pilot steadily brings the ship off the berth and into the channel with easy weights from the Deben. Just about to come ahead on the main engine, the ML Freyja radios in that they are passing number 7 Buoy inbound. The bow begins to turn as the Seago Piraeus begins to pick up headway. The pilot radios the Deben to close up ready to let go from aft. Deben all clear aft, they head to their next job alongside Trinity 5, the ER Pusan. Seago Piraeus proceeds down the harbour at a slow pace to allow the ML Freyja to round the Beach End in to the harbour. Both ships pass each other port to port near the Fort Buoy.

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