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We offer worldwide transport services for oversized loads and general cargo. We specialize in the transport of oversized loads that do not fit in standard containers

We offer worldwide transport services for oversized loads and general cargo. We specialize in the transport of oversized loads that do not fit in standard containers.

With over 40 years of oversized cargo transportation experience, our teams have the know-how and equipment to deliver their freight safely.

What is meant by oversized cargo?

Oversized loads are loads that are too big for our standard 20 ft and 40 ft containers or the 40 ft high cube container. Instead, this cargo is transported on a platform, a flat-rack container or in an open-top container.

The transport of oversized loads with MSC

The transport service for oversized cargoes is integrated with us company-wide. So you receive competent advice and can easily make bookings. Each of our trading service teams is characterized by local expertise and experience in transporting oversized cargo on their trade routes. Our customers can always work with their familiar MSC team and be sure that their cargo is in good hands.

What is meant by mass-produced goods?

Bulk cargo (also known as project cargo) is a cargo that is too big for a single flat-rack container or platform. Typically, batch items are loaded onto multiple flat-rack containers, loaded onto the deck of a ship, and then secured for transport.

The transport of general cargo with MSC

Our staff specializing in the transport of general cargo will gladly assist you with all bookings of this kind. Since the transport of general cargo requires special equipment and expertise, this service depends heavily on the respective port capacities and timetables. For all requests for general cargo services, please contact your responsible team by following this link.

The MSC service for oversized loads

When transporting oversized loads with MSC, our customers benefit from numerous services:

Loading, strapping and securing your freight at your port of departure or exit warehouse.
Domestic pick-up and delivery using our diverse equipment. *
Organization of transport displays for police and domestic traffic if required. *
Loading facilities and possibilities for lashing and storage at the port. *
Competitive prices.
Customs clearance and documentation. *
* Availability depends on location.

special equipment

Our trading service teams are fully trained, knowledgeable of the destination, and provide support for large loads that require specialized equipment such as platforms, open-top containers, or flat-rack containers. Thanks to our extensive inventory of special equipment we have capacities for the transport of large, heavy and irregular loads. You can see our equipment guide here.

additional Information

Whether you want to transport yachts, oil wells, large machinery or similar complex cargoes - we work closely with you to meet all your needs. Contact our team of experts.

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