Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Cosco Shipping Andes arrives to a breezy Felixstowe. 3 tugs assist with the swing 11th November 2019


Harwich Haven Pilot Launch, St Edmund, boards a pilot on to the Cosco Shipping Andes at the Sunk. Maximum draught of 13.4 metres from her last port of Zeebrugge, next port Singapore. Harwich VTS confirms that they were planned portside to Felixstowe 9 Berth. The pilot requests three Svitzer tugs for berthing. 2 outside and one inside First at 7&8 to make fast centre lead aft, second by the Platters and make fast on the starboard quarter and the third bow to bow inside the harbour. Pilot confirms that they will swing to port off the berth. Tide: 1.84m 40cm below prediction. Wind on the Landguard: 302° WSW 18-24 knots. 
Svitzer Deben breaks away from Ro-Ro3 to be the aft tug. Current wind 300° 16-25knots Svitzer Shotley breaks away from the tug pontoon to be the starboard quarter tug. Svitzer Kent slowly paddles out to the Beach End to be the bow to bow tug. All tugs were to make fast on bollards with safe working load of 80 tonnes each. Svitzer Deben goes out for a powered indirect to help steer around the 90° Beach End into the harbour. Shotley makes fast on the starboard quarter. Once inside the harbour, the dredger HAM 316 had got a full load and passes the Cosco Shipping Andeson a North/South heading at the Fort Buoy outbound for the spoil ground at the Inner Gabbard. As the Deben eases, they drop back in astern while the Kent forward goes on a bow to bow to make fast. With the wind how it was, the skipper onboard the Kent requested that the crew to have a weighted heaving line. The pilot tried to explain to the captain about the weighted heaving line but a plain heaving line was thrown down to which caught the wind and had to be thrown again. On the third attempt, the 1st mate on the Kent managed to get it and their tow line was heaved onboard. The pilot gets the Deben to pull back 50% to help slow the Cosco Shipping Andes down. Shortly after the pilot runs the engine astern. After a while, the pilot gets the Kent to go out onto the port shoulder at 75% to take the bow around. Next the Shotley stretches their line and moves out on the starboard quarter and builds to a 75% pull. Finally the Deben moves out on the starboard beam and builds to a 75%. Slowly the Cosco Shipping Andes begins to swing to port off the berth. Once swung, the Shotley comes in for a push on the quarter towards the berth. Steadily the Andes moves closer to the berth. Kent eases and makes their way around in to a check position on the starboard side. The pilot uses the bow thrusters to edge her closer to the berth. Deben and Kent check her so she lands softly on to the fenders. Final tie up 6 and 2 each end with spring first fore and aft.

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