Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Gift & survival packs for soldiers on the streets this winter

With an estimated 13000 soldiers living homeless on our streets after serving queen and country,most suffering with ptsd caused from effects of war conflicts are left with little or no support due government cuts ! 

With winter now coming our aim as the general public is to raise funds to distribute essential basic survival packs including thermal wear and waterproofs to help our veterans cope with winter and to hopefully raise morale knowing they are not forgotten ! 
We witnessed 150 veterans who came in off the streets in one day for a Christmas lunch of whom all received a gift box thanks to the kind generosity of local people which was accepted with much gratitude and respect, 
this year we are hoping to give that little bit more by raising funds instead of just gift boxes so we can hopefully supply more winter aid such as thermal clothing as well as a Christmas gift box to open Christmas Day 

Veterans needs are complex , survival is what they understand and know , our sole aim is to help as a community by giving a helping hand to make life a little more bearable in hope we save more lives before it to late

These are sons brothers sisters and parents
Who all served and now need our help

Wouldn’t it be great knowing at Christmas as you open your presents in the warm with your family that somewhere a veteran smiles knowing you had them
In your thoughts ,

Thank you for taking time to read this plight
We all have a right and need to feel safe respected and thought of so please help us show our soldiers on the streets they are still our heroes who are not forgotten by us the public ....

Thank you �

Can you please share this for me, another thing I’m supporting and getting involved in

Jay Lorenz 

Please share this page for our veterans at Christmas Over Christmas there will be lots of veterans homeless on the streets of London and across the country...they shouldn’t be.....!! Please, if you can donate to this fund raising page or have absolutely anything you can donate, clothing, blankets, etc...please let me know and I’ll arrange collection or arrange drop off....this should not be happening to our veterans....I was lucky, some are not.....!! A date is waiting to be set on when going to London, once known....I’ll publish it but please if you can donate....please do....!! All details are below..


Gift & survival packs for soldiers on the streets this winter

Fundraiser for Kay Eggleston by Kay EgglestonToni Eggleston and Penny Eggleston Hume · 


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