Thursday, 21 November 2019

Lisbon Calling for the IDC 8th General Assembly

More them 300 delegates from all over the world, representing more them 125000 dockers. Fighting for workers rights, against precariousness, against automation, against union busting. Standing for international solidarity and building the union that gives us strength, that keeps us armed to guarantee the safety and dignity of the old-school Dockers and the future of the younger generations. #LisbonCalling #8Generalassembly #WeWillNeverWalkAlone

Say to yourself, do I want to just coast through life? Do I really only care if something only affects me? Or do I want to help build something for future generations to have. Are we selfish or selfless? For me, I want to be apart of something that’s bigger than me. I want to be part of a movement that fight’s for the right’s of working people, and against social injustices. Watch this IDC Promo video and if your a Docker/Longshoremen get involved with our movement. Stand with me Shoulder to Shoulder, and push back against those who want to see us extinct. Push back and fight for those ancestors who paved the way for us, and fight and build our Unions up for future generations to come!!
If we are together it’s impossible to fail...

Automation, Solidarity and the Partnership of ILA and IDC: International Dockers' Council General Coordinator brings fraternal greetings from 125,000 Dockers around the world. "The IDC position on automation is the same as the ILA's. We are radically against the technologies that are used to eliminate jobs." If we are united, it's impossible to fail." "I will never forget the support ILA gave to Spanish Dockers and Swedish Dockers."

Our general assembly has declared a new general coordinator of the IDC DennisYour success will be our success. So shall. Thanks to Jordi Aragunde Miguens for his dedication during all these years at the helm of this organization. Thank you brother #LisbonCalling #8Generalassembly#WeWillNeverWalkAlone

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