Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Nordic dockers say #LashingIsDockersWork! #WeAreITF

Our Nordic dockers have gathered in Finland to get ready in view of the entry into force of the dockers clause. They have invited Niek Stam from FNV Havens on behalf of the ETF and ITF Dockers sections. 

What will this mean? That from the 1st of January 2020 all vessels covered by IBF agreements will be lashed and unlashed only by dockers in all ETF and ITF ports.

A big step forward for both our dockers and our seafarers and for #fairtransport!

Joint statement Nordic dockers unions
We are ready to bring lashing home!
During the Nordic conference on 31’st October in Kotka, Finland the following unions send out this message.

Fellesforbundet, Dockers Section’ Norway – Swedish Transport Workers Union, Dockers’ Section, Sweden – AKT, Dockers’ Section, Finland – 3F Transport Section Dockers, Denmark – And by special invitation Niek Stam, FNV Havens, the Netherlands to introduce the ETF Lashing campaign.

After many years finally ITF and JNG reached an agreement in the IBF CBA where a new cargo handling clause will come into effect on the first of January 2020.

Nordic dockworkers have for the past two year been preparing to be ready to meet the obligations put on them by the new agreement. And we are ready.
Several dockers have been to Antwerp dockers’ training school to have training by instructors in lashing cargo and containers.
Nordic dockers’ also made appointment to set up a coordination structure to follow the shipping companies’ practices on cargo handling in light of the new Dockers Clause.
We invite the shipping companies to meet their obligations and call for dockworkers to do the lashing when visiting ports in the Nordic countries.
This committee will meet with North Range unions in the week of 6 January 2020 in Rotterdam – Netherlands.

ITF Inspector Karl Risser addressing the Canadian Transportation Safety Board in Ottawa today. Karl asked why the TSB declined to investigate the death of Sri Lankan Second Officer who fell overboard while lashing underway on the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Lashing is dangerous work. Many dockers employers associations say lashing cause more accidents than any other workplace industry. Transport Canada is in the pocket of industry. They continue to allow seafarer lashing while underway. The TSB has out fatigue and safety management systems as priority issues and still nothing happens.

Peter Lahay

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