Tuesday, 5 November 2019

OOCL United Kingdom arrives to the Port of Felixstowe, starboard side to Berth 9. 1st November 2019

Photo: Alan Boyle

Pic credit southlancs via Flicker

Pilot boarding 30 minutes late at the Sunk Pilot Station. 14:00 instead of 13:30, Maersk Ensenada was late breaking away from the berth causing a knock on effect. Maximum draught 14.85 metres from Singapore with no defects, planned starboard side to Felixstowe berth 9. Pilot requests three tugs for berthing. First at 7&8 to make fast centre lead aft ready for powered indirect. Second at Platters to standby on starboard quarter then around the stern to the portside to make fast, third inside the harbour bow to bow. The pilot queries about which side to, as a Lifeboat was meant to be delivered but was not going to happen. Harwich VTS confirms that Felixstowe Dock tower still wanted them starboard side to. Svitzer Kent - centre lead aft 95 tonne bollard rating, Svitzer Sky escort on the starboard quarter around the Beach End then break away from the ships side to go around the stern to make fast port quarter near funnel, Svitzer Deben - centre lead forward. Straight on to Felixstowe Berth 9. Sky pushes her towards the berth while Kent and Deben pull her towards the berth. Seacat liberty passes through the harbour for Harwich Navyard as the OOCL United Kingdom pushes up to the berth. Normal tie up would have been 6 and 2 each end. Final tie up 10 and 4 each end with springs first. Extra lines were put out due to the high winds expected during Saturday. Winds were forecasted to be gusting up to 70mph or 31.2mps for several hours. Cranes at the port were boomed up while the worst of the winds blew through. Finally when the wind dropped to a safe level cargo operations began to pick up pace.

OOCL United Kingdom Departs Felixstowe

Monday morning, 11am departure after a long weekend stay. OOCL United Kingdom alongside Felixstowe Berth 9 was in the process of completing cargo operations and the cranes began to boom up one by one. A crane over the aft section was placing the gear bins on top of one of the holds. After they had been loaded the crane boomed up and the driver began their descent down the steps. OOCL United Kingdom outbound from Felixstowe Berth 9. 11.75 metre draught for Zeebrugge. Three Svitzer tugs for for departure. First to make fast centre lead aft, second to make fast on the port quarter then to escort on the quarter for corner and third to make fast centre lead forward. Wind on the Landguard-240° 5-6 knots Tide-1.16m 11cm above prediction. Svitzer Deben centre lead aft, 75 tonne bollard rating. Svitzer Shotley port quarter near funnel 75 tonne bollard rating, Svitzer Kent centre lead forward 75 tonne. Easy pull of the berth before increasing the aft tugs to start the swing to starboard off the berth a Deben used for indirect around Beach End.

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