Sunday, 3 November 2019

Send Amy To Thailand To Volunteer - Daughter Of A Felixstowe Docker

I live in Suffolk and will soon be sixteen years old and participating at Gold level in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. For this, I need to take part in a volunteering programme in an unfamiliar environment to help build my confidence and new relationships.

After careful researching and planning, I want to broaden my horizons and volunteer in Thailand for 2 weeks with a non-profit organization where I will provide care and create enrichments to stimulate the elephants and other wildlife. Pod Volunteer offers a rehabilitating sanctuary for abused, neglected and injured animals from across Thailand, offering them a second chance in a safe and loving environment allowing them to recuperate and ultimately thrive. There are currently over 500 rescued animals at the centre, including over 20 Asian elephants, 300 primates, 25 bears, and a variety of other small mammals, birds, and reptiles. The sanctuary is located within a small village and relies on volunteers support in order to properly feed, shelter, and take of care of these animals. Read more on this motivational and memorable project at: 

I have been a part of Girlguiding for eight years now and it has played an integral part of my life. Currently, I am training to become a young leader at my local Brownie unit and I would love to share my experience with them upon my return to hopefully educate and inspire them to see and help the world around them – acting as an ambassador for this influential project.

For food, accommodation, and flight, the cost of this project is roughly £2,500. I am working hard on raising this money so I can partake in this excellent opportunity and so far, have managed to raise nearly £1000. I need your support, generosity, and best wishes for this journey of mine. Thank you to everyone for reading my story, I hope you will kindly donate and think of how you have helped me pursue my dream.

Amy's Dad is Mel Jordan who is a Team Leader at The Port Of Felixstowe. In my eyes - and many others one of the best " Charge Hands " the port has ever seen. To all you Dockers out there - give a donation to Mel's daughter coz no doubt he has looked after you many a time on the Quayside

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