Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Westports closes two berths after vessel-crane incident

PETALING JAYA: Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Westports Holdings Bhd, has reported a vessel incident involving a berthing container vessel making contact with two of its ship-to-shore cranes.

“As a safety measure, WMSB has closed two berths to assess the damages. The company is ascertaining the contributing factors that gave rise to the incident. Both the container vessel concerned and Westports Malaysia’s affected assets have insurance coverage. Westports would make an announcement when there are notable developments on this incident,” the group said in a filing with Bursa Malaysia.

Westports Malaysia has a total of 20 container berths and 67 ship-to-shore cranes.

The temporary berths closure is not expected to have a material impact on the overall container operations as terminal handling of containers at all other berths continue as usual.
The incident is also not expected to have any material effect on the earnings of Westports.

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Update 1:

Comment from Adrian Minni on Linkedin:

As can be seen in the photos, although it seems smaller, the damaged cranes are 2 !!!! Although the reasons for the damage are unknown in this case, defining and putting into practice safe procedures referring to the position of the gantry cranes during the operation of mooring ships, it is essential, since it is one of the fundamental reasons of damage . Especially considering the increase in size of ships, greater inertia, mechanical failures of the ship, external agents such as wind, currents, human errors, etc! These cranes are permanently exposed to potential damage of all magnitude in the mooring and unmooring maneuvers of ships, reducing that risk is fundamental since the consequences are tremendous in the safety of people, high costs, “dead” times, loss of operational flexibility, loss of competitiveness, image, etc etc!

See in each article, photo and in each video above.

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Sts gantry crane damaged. Linkedin (gz38),

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