Thursday, 19 December 2019

Big win for ITF Dockers Affiliates:

Big win for ITF Dockers Affiliates:

Unifeeder, one of the largest trans-shipment feeder services in European waters, has chosen to respect the ITF "Dockers Clause" coming into force in Canada and Europe on 1st January, 2020. Unifeeder was purchased by DP World last year. In November the ITF Docker Section and DP World discussed the ramifications of the clause for ITF affiliated dockers and shipping companies that relied on seafarers undertaking dangerous lashing operations. We are pleased to see DP World respecting dockers jurisdiction and bolstering seafarers safety through recognition of the clause and the direction of the ITF Lashing Campaign.

The ITF Dockers Clause, as it is known -- is contained in collective bargaining agreements in force onboard flag of convenience ships signed up to ITF acceptable CBA's. The amendments to the previous clause will allow ITF affiliated port workers unions to reclaim lashing work.

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