Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Cosco Harmony swings to starboard for Felixstowe 9 as the N W winds strengthen. 9th December 2019



Cosco Harmony. Planned port side to Felixstowe Berth 9. Draught 13.6 metres from her last port of Zeebrugge. Next port Singapore via the Suez Canal in a southbound convoy. Pilot boards at the Sunk at 07:00UTC, once onboard the pilot requests two tugs for berthing. First by the Platters centre lead aft and one inside centre lead forward. Starboard swing off the berth.

Svitzer Deben makes fast centre lead aft while the Svitzer Sky makes fast centre lead forward. Wind increases 25-30 knots as she arrives. As the engine stops, the Cosco Harmony begins to twist so the Sky moves out onto the starboard beam while Deben moves out onto the port quarter. The pilot runs the engine astern and then increases the tugs power to swing her to starboard. Deben aft is mostly on 75% power the whole way round and Sky maintains a 50% pull before decreasing halfway through the swing. Both tugs tow her into the the berth before coming around onto the starboard quarter in check positions. With the North Westerly winds increasing further, the pilot gets the Deben to go right astern at 50% to stop the headway caused by the strong gusty wind. Final tie up 4,2,2 each end with springs first fore and aft

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