Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Escape, full of empties for Cosco, sails from Felixstowe Berth 8. 24th December 2019



The container ship Escape has been on a few charters this year including a few months with MSC and now her charter is currently with Cosco.  

Escape arrived mid morning on the 23rd December. Once alongside she starts cargo and soon fills up with containers. The Harwich Haven pilot boards from the shore side and soon radios Harwich VTS to say they were ready to depart and requests the one Svitzer tug that was ordered. Svitzer Shotley leaves the tug pontoon and stands by the ship awaiting instructions. The Shotley makes fast aft and very gently eases her off the berth before the pilot backs her up the harbour. Once the Shotley had pulled her clear, the pilot starts to swing the bow onto a southerly heading. Shotley is released as the ship comes ahead on the main engine.

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