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Msc aims to equip its new terminal in Valencia, in the new north extension, with only 17 heads and 3 Reachstackers operated by Port Dockers.

MSC intends to operate in its new terminal in Valencia in five years
The project of the new container terminal, in public information for 20 days, details the characteristics of the future infrastructure

Current MSC terminal in the port of Valencia | MSC

The Port Authority of Valencia has released the TIL project (Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC) for the North expansion terminal, which involves an investment close to one billion euros. The document indicates the date of June 2026 for the completion of the construction of the infrastructure, although it also points to the first quarter of 2025 as the date to begin operations in this terminal, which will have 1,970 meters of pier and 700 meters of esplanade , with a total of 137 hectares once completed. The maximum traffic that this facility can handle, according to the project, will be 4.8 million teus per year, and its construction will be carried out in three phases.

In the first of them, MSC expects to have 1,100 meters of dock, an area of ​​86 hectares and a projected capacity of 2.3 million containers. The second phase will reach 1,500 meters of pier and 108 hectares, in addition to 3.3 million teus capacity. Finally, in the third phase, the aforementioned total records will be reached. The terminal will have, as noted in the project, with 22 cranes on the dock and five berths. In addition, it will have 100 container yard cranes operated by remote control, three cranes at the railway terminal, 160 dock transfer equipment to container yard, 17 trucks, two empty container handler and three reach stakers. 98% of this machinery will be electric, according to the Swiss shipping project, and the energy supply will come from renewable energy sources. Also in the field of electrification, the presence of supply to ship (cold ironing) with a power installed for this purpose of 15 MW and a medium voltage network with three main substations is confirmed.

The container yard will be divided into 50 modules oriented perpendicularly of 50 teus length, nine rows and a height of five stacking containers, which will provide a static capacity of 112,500 teus, as detailed in the project submitted to public information. As for handling capacities in the yard, on the dock side and with the 22 cranes operating, 770 containers can be reached per hour, while on the land side you will reach 466 containers per hour. The document also indicates that the door system planned for the terminal can comfortably serve 1.5 million teus annually.

One of the most important bets of MSC for the North terminal of the port of Valencia is the railway terminal. The project includes the forecast to move 300,000 teus annually in this intermodal facility, which will have six tracks of a minimum useful length of 1,000 meters. The rails will be of Iberian width and UIC, and will be arranged in three pairs of two tracks. Three cranes on rails that will cover each of the three pairs will be responsible for the operation of the mentioned railway terminal. The TIL project plans to receive an average of ten trains a day and a total of 2,980 railroads per year. According to the document, the door system next to the railway terminal will allow a total load percentage of up to 38%, much higher than that foreseen in the business plan (29%) and with margin to serve future growth of the loading in the hinterland of the port of Valencia.

As for the main milestones in the construction of the terminal, the project plans to begin engineering work at the time when the Port Authority of Valencia definitively awards the concession. The start of construction work by TIL is in January 2022, when the port authority has made 900 of drawers and landfills and 50 hectares of esplanade available to the company. The end of this first phase is in December 2024. By February 2023, the start of the second phase of construction is planned, which will already have 1,500 meters of pier and 99 hectares of esplanade, by the Valencian port institution, works which are expected to be completed in September 2025, and the last phase will begin in February 2023 when TIL already has the total of the dock and esplanade meters made by the port of Valencia. The terminal will be completely completed in June 2026, as noted in the project submitted to public information.

TIL reiterates its commitment to use the BIM methodology. The project also states that the environmental management plan of the new facility will be

MSC aims to equip its new terminal in Valencia, in the new north extension, with only 17 heads and 3 Reach stackers operated by Port Dockers.
The 100 transtainers will be by remote control like the 22 sts cranes, being the 160 mafis, Agv (automatic guided vehicles).

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