Friday, 20 December 2019

MSC Geneva struggles to breakaway from Trinity 4 as the wind begins to strenghten 19th December 2019

Credit Robin Pridmore


The MSC Geneva, an engineering masterpiece for being the first container ship in the world to be widened, prepares to depart Felixstowe Trinity 4 with the assistance of Svitzer Kent. The southerly wind began to increase as she started to single up to just spring lines. The Kent stretches their line and builds to a 25% pull, the pilot kicks the engine ahead to stop the Geneva running astern. Just off the berth, the Kent increases to 50% pull away from the berth, the pilot uses the bow thrusters to get the bow moving. With the force of the wind pushing on the starboard side of the ship was pretty much holding herma few metres off the berth.

The pilot realising that he was struggling, he radios the Kent to call another tug to assist forward. While waiting for the second tug to come, the Kent stops towing as the pilot eases her back onto the fenders with Kent checking for soft landing. Svitzer Shotley starts up and breaks away from the pontoon to head up the harbour to make fast centre lead forward on the MSC Geneva. With both tugs fast, the pilot tries to depart for the second time. The Kent starts to lift off at 25% and then increases to 50%. Shotley helps the bow out by increasing power. Slowly she comes into channel and the pilot runs the engine ahead with the wheel hard to starboard. Headway increasing the Shotley goes right ahead then into a let go position. The Shotley peels off onto the Harwich side and up to Trinity 7 for their next job. Kent closes up and let’s go from aft. They swing around and head up to Trinity7 to be the aft tug on the tide restricted MSC Laurence.

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