Monday, 2 December 2019

New STS Cranes Arrive At Liverpool 2

ZHEN HUA 25 inbound just now with the 3 new cranes for L2 ( my picture not from wirral cam )

From my window! Montpellier Crescent,NB 

Old and the new ! 

Keith CranShips of the Mersey

Ground work where the cranes are to go lots of jobs and money being invested for a bright future..

Some pictures taken from my Mavic 2 Zoom of the Berthing of the Zhen Hua 25, which was bringing in 4 massive cranes into the Liverpool 2 Terminal. Expansion is planned.

Mersey Images

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The final 3 cranes arrived on the Mersey today from china on ZHEN 25 to go with the 5 that arrived a couple of years ago

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