Tuesday, 7 January 2020

April 1998 after a thank you dinner given by Derek Harrington & Peter Bennett in the Directors Dining Room at the Port of Felixstowe: for compiling the book "A Pictorial History of Felixstowe Dock".

L-R the late Neil Wylie, Jo Hockley the late Phil Hadwen (Mr Felixstowe), Mark Wylie & Carol Smith. — with Carol Smith.

L-R: John Smith, Carol Smith, the Late Phil Hadwen, Mark Wylie & the late Neil Wylie

L-R The Late Neil Wylie, the late Verity Wylie, Gill Hadwen, the late Phil Hadwen (Mr Felixstowe), John Smith, Carol Smith, Liz White & Peter White.

Most of these first generation Morris STS Cranes have now been demolished

Many thanks to John Michael Smith for sharing the pics with myself

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