Sunday, 19 January 2020

Baltic Ice Class Feeder Vayenga Maersk swings for Felixstowe Trinity 4. 15th January 2020


The Vayenga Maersk is an Ice Class Baltic feeder which travels between North Sea ports and the Baltic region. On arrival to the Sunk, a Harwich Haven Pilot launch, St Christopher, boards a pilot on to the Vayenga Maersk around 12:30 slightly later than the confirmed time. Once onboard the pilot confirms he is onboard with a maximum draught of 8.4 metres with no defects from her last port of Bremerhaven. Harwich VTS replies that there was a ready berth planned port side to Felixstowe Trinity 4 and continues with the height of tide and wind on the Landguard Gauge followed by traffic information. The pilot requests two tugs for berthing. First to meet at the Platters to make fast centre lead aft and the second inside the harbour at the Fort Buoy on a bow to bow. Svitzer Deben makes fast centre lead aft while the Svitzer Kent makes fast centre lead forward on a bow to bow.  

Deben moves out onto the starboard quarter to take the stern around while the Kent moves out onto the port side to take the bow around. Once swung, the pilot gets the Deben to tow the stern in towards the quay. After a while both tugs get into check position on the starboard side for a soft landing on to the fenders.

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