Saturday, 18 January 2020

Cargo Shift And Damage To Vehicles On Board Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry European Causeway

Toppled trucks and crushed van on deck | Image Credits:

Safety issues

  • the route being followed had not been adjusted sufficiently to mitigate the effects of the sea conditions and reduce the likelihood of severe rolling
  • the cargo lashings applied were insufficient for the forecasted weather conditions and the ship’s approved cargo securing manual provided limited guidance to ship’s staff
  • drivers remaining in their vehicles during the ferry’s passage, in contravention of international regulations and company policy, was not uncommon and is an industry-wide issue
  • Statement from the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents


A recommendation (2020/107) has been made to P&O Ferries Ltd to amend their SMS to provide specific guidance on the lashing of cargo in heavy weather.
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