Monday, 13 January 2020

Container ship battles surreal storm near Bermuda - The Orwell Bridge Is Closed !!!!!

Think you'd have to stomach to handle a storm like this? Incredible! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email

Could be worse as in being on The Orwell Bridge with this warning 

Strong Wind Warningissued atvalid fromvalid until
08:01 Mon12:00 Tue07:00 Wed
Southerly winds will quickly increase on Tuesday afternoon and into the evening with gusts of 60-65mph possible on Tuesday evening as winds slowly turn more southwesterly. Winds will continue in excess of 60mph mostly into the early hours of Wednesday with a brief gust possible up to 70mph before the passage of a cold front when winds will quickly ease.

Issued by Adam Dury at 08:01 Mon 13 Jan 2020

For out of hours advice (18:00 - 04:30) call the Out of Hours Forecaster on 01603 596015.

The above is for STS Cranes at Felixstowe Port

Most professional lorry drivers manage to criss cross the country with no issues - so am guessing the couple in a Nissan Micra are frightend of being blown off The Orwell Bridge. Another load of misery for Ipswich town centre

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